How a Criminal Defense Differs From What You See On TV

How Criminal Defense Differs From What You See On TV

There are a lot of great law shows. You may be able to learn a lot about criminal defense by watching these shows. However, there are also a lot of inaccuracies in these types of shows.


Real Attorneys Have Multiple Cases to Work on at a Time

Television often portrays attorneys who only work on one case at a time. However, real criminal lawyers are working on multiple cases at the same time. The more successful criminal lawyers in Philadelphia have more cases they are going to take on at one time.


The Prosecutors Do Not Sit Down With the Defendants

You may have seen attorneys sit down with the prosecutors and defendants. However, this sort of thing typically does not happen in real life. Attorneys typically try to keep their clients away from the prosecutors. The prosecutors usually do not talk to the defendants. They typically only talk to the attorney unless the defendant is representing themselves.


Good Attorneys Do Not Lie

Television shows typically do not portray attorneys in a good light. They may portray attorneys as bad people who lie all of the time. However, the best criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia will be honest with you. They have a passion for helping people understand the criminal justice system.


Court Cases Do Not Move That Fast

Television makes it seem like court cases move quickly. The person commits the crime and then they end up in court the next day. However, criminal cases do not move that quickly in real life. It may take several months for your case to go to trial.


A Case Is Not Always Over After the Verdict Is Given

Television shows often make it seem like the case is done after the verdict is given. However, that is not always the case. The defendant may have the chance to file an appeal. They will have the opportunity to get their case heard again, which may change the outcome of it.


There Are Not Any Last Minute Surprises

You have probably seen a television show that had a case with a surprising twist. This makes the show interesting, but it rarely happens in real life. The cases are well-researched beforehand, so there usually aren’t any surprises. All of the information will also be presented in files and paperwork in the courtroom.