Small Crimes, Big Consequences: Unexpected Jail Time Explained

Small Crimes, Big Consequences: Unexpected Jail Time Explained

If you get arrested by police for what may seem like a minor crime such as shoplifting or being involved in a fight, you probably assume the most you will get is a fine, probation, or even community service. However, when a prosecutor and police pursue your case aggressively, you are shocked when the judge sentences you to jail. If you want to prevent this scenario, we have some tips you should keep in mind.


Overzealous Police

In our years handling criminal defense cases, we often deal with overzealous police creating a bigger problem than the one that originally existed. For example, if you were arrested on assault charges, it may be that you were simply an innocent bystander who got caught up in a chaotic situation. However, police won’t see it this way. When facing this situation, you need a Philly criminal lawyer who will listen to you, interview witnesses, examine police reports, and find the evidence needed to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed altogether.


Prior Criminal Record

Many of our clients have had prior criminal records for previous offenses, which tends to give prosecutors and police reason to think these individuals are automatically guilty of the charges against them. However, we know this is not the case at all. No matter your prior criminal history, you have legal rights that need to be explained to you and protected. By working with attorneys at our office who specialize in criminal defense Philadelphia residents trust in the most difficult situations, you can fight the charges against you and avoid an unexpected and unnecessary jail term.


Not Understanding Your Rights

Finally, police are quite good at intimidating people they arrest and convincing them they have no viable recourse but to plead guilty and do their time in jail. If you fall for this, jail is exactly where you will be for months or longer. By hiring us immediately following your arrest, we can hold police accountable for their actions from day one. Whether it’s failing to read you your Miranda rights upon being arrested or overlooking evidence associated with your case, we will make sure you are treated fairly from start to finish.


If you’ve been arrested for a small crime and don’t want to face big consequences such as unexpected jail time, contact us here at the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino Jr. for a consultation.