Can Religious Beliefs Prevent You From Being Arrested?

Can Religious Beliefs Prevent You From Being Arrested?

Everyone in America is free to practice whatever religion they want to. However, your religion does not change the laws of the land. You may be wondering if your religion can stop you from being arrested. It is a good idea for you to hire the best criminal defense attorney in PA . Your religion can be used as a criminal defense.

Drug Abuse

If you have been accused of a drug crime, then your religion can potentially be used as a defense. The United States Supreme Court passed the Religious Freedom Act in 2006. This allowed people who were members of a certain religion to use sacramental ayahuasca, which is a type of controlled substance. It is a tea that can cause one to hallucinate.

There are also some states that allow people to use certain psychedelic drugs for religious purposes. People can use certain substances for both religious and medicinal purposes. Furthermore, there are minors that can partake of alcohol as a part of a religious ceremony. PA criminal lawyers will tell you whether your religious beliefs are a valid criminal defense.

Child Abuse

Parents are required to provide their children with basic care, which includes food, medical needs, education and shelter. This is true regardless of the religion that one follows. There have been cases where people have denied their children medical care because of religious beliefs. This has not held up in court because parents cannot deny their children medical care because this is a basic human right.

There are some exemptions for education. For example, the Amish community is not required to send their children to high school.

Marriage And Sex

If there are crimes involving sex or marriage, then people can use religious as a defense. For example, there are some religions that allow close family members to marry. There are also some religions that allow people to marry multiple people.

However, there are some sex crimes that one will not be able to use a religious defense for. This includes things such as rape, molestation and sexual assault.

Why It Is Important to Get Legal Help

It is best for you to talk to an attorney if you have questions about using your religion as a legal defense. They know the laws regarding religious liberty will affect your case. They will fight hard to protect your rights. They will also answer questions that you have about the criminal justice system.