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When we think of criminals, we don’t usually think of someone wearing a suit and tie. In reality, there are many types of crimes that take place in a business setting. White collar crime generally refers to crimes involving business professionals or other individuals who use deception for financial gain. Although white collar crimes are economically motivated and non-violent in nature, those arrested or who are under investigation for white collar crimes will still face the same type of aggressive and resourceful prosecution as those accused of other offenses.

If you have been accused of a white collar crime in the Philadelphia area, you need representation from the experienced white collar crime attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino Jr. With our assistance, you can put together an effective defense and give yourself the best chance of avoiding the harshest penalties for crimes like fraud, embezzlement, and insider trading.

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How Our White Collar Criminal Lawyers Can Help You

No matter what type of white collar crime you have been accused of committing, our attorneys have the specialized knowledge it takes to represent you in court. If you are innocent, we will aggressively defend you. If you are guilty and want to turn yourself in, you should still retain the services of an experienced attorney who can help you negotiate a plea deal or have certain charges dropped. The law gives you the right to speak with an attorney any time you are being questioned by the police or federal law enforcement, so don’t throw away your rights by attempting to deal with your white collar charges without representation!

Our white collar lawyers can represent individuals and corporations in any of the following cases and more:

  • Tax Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Computer Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Insider Trading
  • Money Laundering
  • Forgery
  • Mortgage Fraud

These crimes can result in hefty fines, restitution to the victims, and even jail time, so don’t wait to find an attorney. Call the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino Jr. at 215-515-8600 if you have been accused of white collar offenses, sex offenses, or any other crime in the Philadelphia area.

We Can Represent Both Corporate Clients and Individuals

white collar crime lawAre you currently under investigation? Have you received a target letter or grand jury subpoena? Have federal agents come to your home or place of employment? Don’t talk to anyone without an attorney present!

Any time you speak to a law enforcement agent, you could be divulging information that they will use against you or your company at trial. Even if they seem friendly, law enforcement is never acting in your best interest or the best interest of your company. You could be incriminating yourself or implicating yourself as complicit in crimes committed by others at your company. A white collar crime attorney can promptly inform you about the best way to proceed and advise you while you are under questioning. Remember that the law grants you the right to remain silent and to seek counsel from an attorney when you or the company you work for are accused of theft, tax fraud, internet crimes, or a range of other violations.

You only have one chance to win at trial, so make sure you give yourself the best chance possible by speaking with an attorney. We can also assist you if you need DUI lawyers in Philadelphia or you need representation for any other criminal matter in the area.


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The law surrounding white collar offenses is complex, and that’s why you need an attorney to represent you in court or when you are being questioned. If you live or work in the Philadelphia area, Richard J. Fuschino Jr. is the right lawyer to advise you. As a former prosecutor, he understands both sides of any criminal case and he can give you unique insights that other attorneys in Philadelphia may not be able to provide. Call Mr. Fuschino right away if you need Philadelphia expungement lawyers or if you need someone to represent you for any other criminal matter.