White Collar Crime Attorneys in Philadelphia

White collar crime generally refers to crimes involving business professionals or other individuals who use deception for financial gain. In many cases, white collar crime charges are handled in federal courts rather than state courts. Individuals arrested or under investigation for white collar crime offenses will likely face an aggressive, resourceful prosecution and harsh sentences if convicted.

When you’re charged with a white collar crime in Philadelphia, you need an experienced white collar crime attorney that understands white collar law. Our aggressive white collar crime attorneys are able to provide one of the best representations to protect your rights and your freedoms. From drug crimes to sex offenses and criminal DUIs, our background with all white collar crimes help to develop the best defense to salvage your career and reputation.

Many white collar crime lawyers are not prepared or equipped to handle such serious cases. However, our Philadelphia white collar crime attorney, Richard J. Fuschino Jr., has experience fighting for justice in federal trial and appellate courts. He has the experience and determination to protect clients facing serious state or federal charges. Contact our white collar crimes lawyers today to discuss your rights and your case.

The Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino Jr. provide aggressive defensive for people charged with white collar crimes. White collar crime charges can be sophisticated but you can rest assured the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino will provide one of the best representations needed to fight these serious crimes. Call us right away 215-515-8600.

Are you under investigation for fraud or a white collar crime in Philadelphia? Have you received a target letter or grand jury subpoena?  Have agents shown up at your home or place of employment?

White Collar Crime Lawyers in Philly

Our Philly white collar crimes law firm promptly informs clients how to respond when under suspicion or investigation for federal white collar crime charges – don’t talk to anyone without an attorney! Your silence cannot be used against you. However, statements made to the police without the presence of an experienced lawyer by your side can seriously jeopardize your defense options.

Our Philadelphia white collar crime attorneys fight to protect clients in white collar crime cases involving:

  • Employee theft: embezzlement, trade secret theft, illegal kickbacks
  • Tax fraud/income tax evasion
  • SEC violations: securities fraud, stock broker fraud, insider trading
  • Insurance fraud: Medicare fraud, Workers’ Compensation fraud
  • Internet crimes: phishing scams, computer fraud
  • Identity theft: check fraud, forgery, credit card fraud
  • Fraud : wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud
  • Other white collar crime: conspiracy, perjury, extortion, money laundering, RICO violations, bribery, price fixing, and immigration violations

You only have one chance to win at trial. Philadelphia white collar crime attorney Richard J. Fuschino Jr. is an experienced and effective white collar crime lawyer. He prepares the solid defense that makes it difficult for the courts to find his clients guilty.

We represent clients charged across the broad spectrum of white collar crimes, and our Philadelphia, PA attorneys evaluate all the details associated with your case to form one of the best defenses. We’ve also been known to help our clients receive expungements as our white collar crime attorneys fight to get your acquitted.

If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a white collar crime, don’t wait to start protecting your rights and preparing your defense strategy. Contact a Philadelphia, PA white collar crime attorney at our office today. For a free criminal defense consultation, call 215-515-8600 now.