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Being accused of domestic violence can completely destroy your life, whether those accusations are true or not. Regardless of your guilt or innocence, hiring an experienced attorney to advise and represent you in spousal abuse cases should be the first step you take. Do not talk to the police, your partner, or any of your acquaintances about your case; you could be unintentionally incriminating yourself! The penalties for these crimes can include fines, probation, loss of child custody, and jail time, so it is important that you hire a lawyer to represent your interests.

The criminal defense team at the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino is prepared to fight for you and defend you against domestic violence claims in the Philadelphia area. Get in touch with us today if you have been accused of domestic abuse or if you need sex crimes lawyers in Philadelphia.

How Our Domestic Violence Attorneys Can Help

You have rights when you have been accused of spousal abuse or intimate partner violence, and hiring a lawyer will ensure those rights are protected during questioning and during your trial.

For those who have been falsely accused of intimate partner violence, domestic violence lawyers can thoroughly investigate any domestic abuse claims and determine whether your accusers have any evidence. Even if your partner has filed a restraining order or protection order against you in the past, it is still possible to avoid being convicted of domestic violence if there is no evidence. Cases of false domestic abuse accusations happen regularly, especially during divorces and child custody proceedings, so it makes sense to retain legal counsel even if you are innocent. Your lawyers will advise you during police questioning, represent you during negotiations, and argue for you in court so you can clear your name.

In intimate partner violence cases where you are likely to be convicted, speaking to a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia will allow you to better understand your options going forward. In some cases, you may be able to negotiate with the prosecution to drop certain charges or for a more lenient sentence. No matter what you have been accused of doing, your attorney will always ensure your rights are being respected by the police and by the courts.

Need a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer?

Our Lawyers Will Fight for Your Rights

philadelphia domestic violence claimsBecause claims of abuse between intimate partners often involve a great deal of he said, she said, it can be difficult to prove your innocence without a lawyer advising you. You can be certain the prosecution will be taking advantage of the ambiguity inherent in these types of charges, so don’t go up against them without your own legal team representing you. Even if you are guilty, hiring a lawyer will be your best chance of avoiding the harshest penalties.

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