Expungement Attorneys in Philadelphia

Expungement Attorneys in Philadelphia

Expungement attorney philadelphiaWhen a person is convicted of a crime in Philadelphia, that crime is then immediately placed onto their criminal record. If that conviction has been rescinded, many states including Pennsylvania, have adopted a procedure where a person may get that record cleaned or expunged there is no procedure for total erasure of your record.

There are certain circumstances which your criminal record may be sealed. The sealing does not erase a person’s criminal record, but does ensure it is far less visible to the public eye.

Mistakes happen. That doesn’t mean it should have to haunt you forever. Our expungement attorneys allow people with a blemish on their record to wipe the slate clean. At the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino Jr. we help clients with the process of obtaining criminal record expungements in Philadelphia.

Whether you’ve been charged with drug crimes, sex offenses, or white collar crimes, we know the importance of maintaining a clean record. Our expungement attorneys in Philadelphia understand that people make mistakes, but we know that previous mistakes shouldn’t prevent us from getting jobs, traveling, or securing mortgages on a home. We’ll help you through the expungement process of obtaining a criminal record expungement. Our expungement lawyers work with you through all steps of the process, gathering and preparing all information to petition to the court with one of the best expungement cases.

Expungement Lawyers in Philly

The worst outcome of a conviction is the one that stains your record. A permanent criminal record could haunt you in the long run when it comes to seeking employment, applying for a loan or to school, or renting an apartment.

Many clients come to us seeking the expungement of conviction for crimes related to drugs or DUIs, and other negative experiences they’d like to erase. To have the best chance of receiving an expungement, individuals convicted of a summary offense or have not been prosecuted for any offense in the past five years. Typical cases for hiring an expungement lawyer in Philly include:

  • Being charged as a juvenile
  • Being found not guilty after a trial
  • Charges were dismissed due to lack of evidence
  • You completed the ARD program

Without an expungement lawyer, a future slip-up could result in a legal nightmare and possible extended prison time. Our Philadelphia expungement attorneys prepare extensively to help you restore your record with one of the best petitions to the court. We’ve handled numerous expungement petitions and helped many individuals clear their record and get approved for loans and mortgages that help them move on with their lives.

Call today and talk to an expungement attorney in Philadelphia at The Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino Jr. Just because you make a mistake doesn’t mean you should be punished forever. Consider your options and talk to one of the best expungement law firms in Philly.