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Philadelphia Expungement Lawyers

When you have a clean criminal record, you have nothing to worry about when applying for jobs or for credit; on the other hand, even a minor blemish can prevent you from taking important steps to improve your life. When Philadelphia area employers, banks, landlords, and other entities perform background checks on you, anything that shows up on your criminal record can hinder your future plans. Because of past mistakes, it could become extremely difficult to get a car or home loan, find a new job, or even travel abroad. Fortunately, there may be something you can do in order to prevent those black marks from spoiling your opportunities now and in the future.

When a person is convicted of a crime in Philadelphia, that crime is immediately placed onto their criminal record. In cases where that conviction has been rescinded, Pennsylvania and many other states have adopted a procedure by which a person may be able to get their record cleared or expunged. While there is no procedure in Philadelphia for total erasure of your criminal record, there are several circumstances under which you may be able to get your criminal record sealed. This will not completely erase your criminal record, but it will ensure that it is less visible to the public.

Only qualified expungement attorneys can review your case and determine if it’s possible to seal your criminal record. Connecting with knowledgeable expungement lawyers will help you better understand your options.

Expunge Your Criminal Record

Everyone makes mistakes, but when those mistakes lead to a criminal conviction, they can end up haunting you forever. When you hire an adept Philadelphia expungement attorney, the attorney’s actions may allow you to wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start. If you have a mark on your criminal record that’s preventing you from getting the things you want out of life, the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino can provide you with top expungement attorneys who may be able to help you with the process of obtaining criminal record expungements in Philadelphia.

Whether you’ve been charged in Philadelphia with drug crimes, sex offenses, or white-collar crimes, or any other offense, we know the importance of maintaining a clean criminal record, and our expungement attorneys can help you achieve that. At the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino, you can find a Philadelphia expungement attorney who understands that people make mistakes. No matter what previous mistakes you may have made, they should not prevent you from getting a job, traveling, obtaining a home loan, or doing anything else you may wish to do.

Our Philadelphia expungement lawyers will help you through the process of obtaining a criminal record expungement from start to finish. Our expungement lawyers will work with you through every step of the process, gathering and preparing all of the information they need to present the best case possible for the expungement of your criminal record.

Record-Sealing Attorneys In Philadelphia

Of all the possible outcomes of a criminal conviction, the ones that stain your record are always the most harmful to your future. A permanent criminal record can easily continue to haunt you even after you’ve paid your debt to society. The mistakes of your past can prevent you from applying to school, applying for loans, seeking employment, or even renting an apartment. The Philadelphia expungement lawyers at Fuschino Law can help you find out if you’re eligible for the expungement or sealing of your criminal record.

Many of our clients come to us seeking an expungement attorney who can assist in obtaining the expungement of a conviction for crimes related to drugs or DUIs; some of them have other negative past experiences they’d like to erase with the help of our Philadelphia expungement lawyers. When our expungement lawyers feel a client has a strong case for expungement, we can move forward. For example, individuals who have been convicted of summary offenses or who have not been prosecuted for any offense in the past five years will have a much stronger case for expungement than those who have been convicted of felonies or who have more recent convictions. Some typical cases where an expungement attorney in Philadelphia may be able to obtain an expungement include:

  • Having been charged as a juvenile
  • Having been found not guilty after a trial
  • Your charges were dismissed due to a lack of evidence
  • You completed the ARD program

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Top Expungement Lawyers in Philly

Without the aid of competent expungement lawyers, a future slip-up could result in a legal nightmare or even extended prison time. It is imperative that you connect with skilled Philadelphia expungement lawyers or expungement attorneys in order to better understand your case. At the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino, your top Philadelphia expungement attorney will prepare extensively to help you restore your record by making the best possible case on your day in court.

Our expungement attorneys have already handled numerous expungement petitions and helped many individuals clear their records in the eyes of the law. These people have gone on to be approved for loans and mortgages. They’ve gone on to be accepted to college. Most importantly, they have been able to move on with their lives and separate themselves from their pasts. The Philadelphia expungement lawyers at Fuschino Law helped them get there, and they can help you too.

As a prosecutor, Richard J. Fuschino gained a reputation for being sharp, strong, and aggressive in winning his cases in Philadelphia and beyond. Now, as the head of his own well-established Philadelphia law practice, he’s building on that reputation and using the knowledge he has gained through years of professional experience to defend those accused of criminal offenses in court.

Whether you are seeking an expungement of your criminal record or you need an experienced attorney to defend you against drug charges, DUI, gun charges, sex offenses, white collar crimes, or any other type of criminal offense, you will find that Richard J. Fuschino and the expungement attorneys and lawyers at his firm are some of the best in the Philadelphia area. Don’t leave your fate in the hands of a lawyer who is unable to get the job done; rely on the proven track record of Fuschino Law and our dedicated team of top Philadelphia attorneys and expungement lawyers.

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