Aggravated Assault Defense

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If you’ve been arrested or charged with assault or aggravated assault, you need the help of aggressive Philadelphia assault lawyers who will do whatever it takes to win your case. You need the top assault lawyers at The Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino to fight for your rights. Our dedicated assault attorneys know the law and how best to defend clients charged with offenses like simple assault, aggravated assault, battery charges, or assault and battery. If you’ve been charged with any of these assault offenses in Philadelphia, our experienced assault lawyers will work hard to defend you, giving you the best chance of being found not guilty.

If convicted of assault offenses including simple assault or aggravated assault, you could end up with a permanent criminal record, spend time in jail, or face expensive fines under Philadelphia law. In addition, you may find it difficult to purchase a firearm, lease an apartment, or find a job. If you are divorced and have visitation rights with your children, your visitation may become supervised or temporarily suspended, depending on the specifics of your case. You may also be required to take anger management classes or seek counseling.

Due to the severity of these consequences, it is imperative that you hire assault lawyers who will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your assault charges and gather all the evidence needed to clear you. Did you act in self-defense? A good assault lawyer could get your case dismissed for this reason. Was alcohol involved? Involuntary intoxication may be a valid defense in some assault cases. Did you sustain injuries? Charges for a simple assault can differ depending on whether it was one-sided or a “mutual scuffle.” Did you start the initial argument? Charges may differ depending on the circumstances surrounding the start of an argument. Working with a knowledgeable Philadelphia assault lawyer can help you better understand the charges that you are facing. In any case, it takes dedication and hard work for an attorney to find out the truth; our team of aggravated assault lawyers and assault attorneys can do just that.

Defending Against Assault Charges in Philadelphia

Philadelphia assault lawyer Richard J. Fuschino will always investigate what happened and explain his client’s side of the story, and his team of skilled aggravated assault lawyers and assault defense attorneys will do the same. In some cases, reasonable doubt can be established, leading to charges like assault and battery or aggravated assault being dismissed. In other cases where guilt is not in question, our top Philadelphia assault lawyers can petition the court to consider probation in exchange for community service or counseling.

If you’ve been arrested for assault in Philadelphia, don’t assume a plea of “guilty” will make your problems go away. If there is any chance that the severity of your charges can be reduced, you owe it to yourself to hire the best assault lawyers in Philadelphia to represent you in court. Even if you’re accepting a plea bargain, pleading guilty to assault offenses like simple assault or aggravated assault can haunt you for the rest of your life. It is imperative that you connect with the best assault defense attorneys that you can in order to understand what exactly is at stake. To learn more about what an assault conviction could mean for your future and how we can help, call Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer Richard J. Fuschino today at 215-515-8600 for a free consultation.

Altercations, Fights and Charges of Assault

Attorney Richard J. Fuschino represents people facing assault charges and battery charges stemming from all types of incidents, including:


  • Road rage
  • Bar fights
  • Domestic violence
  • Fights in a parking lot
  • Disputes with a neighbor
  • Confrontations at a sporting event
  • Fights at a private party

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Acting in Self-Defense

Typically, when a fight breaks out, people turn and look to see what all the commotion is about—but they don’t always see the events leading up to the fight. If witnesses see a person throw a punch, they may just assume that this person started the altercation. When police arrive, if they interview anyone at all, they may only interview those with a prejudiced or incomplete knowledge of what actually happened. The police may not be getting the whole story, and when you go to court, it will be that testimony that decides if you are found not guilty or you get charged with simple assault, assault and battery, or other charges.

Often, people who acted in self-defense can find themselves facing assault charges or battery charges. That’s precisely why our top assault attorneys and skilled aggravated assault lawyers will track down witnesses, gather security camera video footage when available, and carefully examine the context in which an argument arose. If there is evidence that can clear your name, you can bet our assault lawyers will find it. We strive to tell our client’s side of the story and expose any self-serving or contradictory testimony on the part of others. If you have been arrested for a crime in Philadelphia, our top legal defense team will provide you with the best chance of clearing your good name.

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As a former prosecutor, Richard J. Fuschino knows all about the strategies Philadelphia prosecutors use to obtain guilty verdicts. If the prosecution is offering up a weak case for conviction, Mr. Fuschino and his talented team of Philadelphia assault lawyers will see right through it. They also know when crafting a plea bargain is the best course of action. He’s argued cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey state courts, federal courts, and appellate courts. He has made arguments in front of juries, in front of judges, before administrative boards and administrative law judges in Philadelphia and beyond. All this practical courtroom experience has made him uniquely qualified to argue your criminal case and he has worked hard to impart his knowledge to each one of the assault attorneys in his employ. All that experience adds up to a Philadelphia legal defense team you can trust to defend you in court.

Regardless of whether you’ve been charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, sexual assault, or assault and battery, we have an experienced assault lawyer who can help you. If you need a sex crimes attorney in Philadelphia or you’re looking for top Philadelphia expungement lawyers to help you clear out a past conviction, Fuschino Law should be the first call you make. To schedule an appointment with a Philadelphia assault lawyer or to discuss your case with our top assault attorneys, contact the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino for a free consultation at 215-515-8600.