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If you are facing criminal charges in the Pennsylvania state or federal courts, you want a law firm with the experience, guts and the dedication to fight for you. That is the Law Office of Richard J. Fuschino, Jr.

Defense attorney Richard J. Fuschino, Jr. is a former prosecutor with a decade of experience defending people in criminal court and on appeal. If your case goes to trial, he will personally handle your defense and stand by your side in the courtroom.

Mr. Fuschino has handled hundreds of cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, in federal and appellate courts, in jury trials, bench trials, and in hearings before administrative boards and administrative law judges. Mr. Fuschino has handled the gambit of criminal cases – homicides, drug cases, complicated federal regulation violations, and every sexual offense in the state of Pennsylvania.

Richard J. Fuschino, Jr.

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Our Mission

Like every good lawyer, Mr. Fuschino knows when a case must result in a plea. However, he is known as a hard-nosed criminal defense lawyer for a reason: Fuschino takes cases to trial. The goal in each case is a “not guilty” verdict. There is only one chance to hear those words. People refer their friends and family to Mr. Fuschino because they know he will aggressively counter criminal charges using every tool, maneuver, strategy and tactic within the law to protect their rights, record and freedom.

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When searching for a lawyer, finding someone who is responsive, honest, and tough is the hard part. That's where we come in.


It is vital to your future that you seek skilled representation and take the necessary steps to avoid wrongful conviction.


When Mr. Fuschino agrees to take your case, he works your case to death with the goal of winning it.

Why Choose Us


Working within the justice system, Mr. Fuschino knows how to use its rules and procedures to your best advantage.


Richard J. Fuschino has been defending people against criminal charges for most of his professional career.


If mishandled, the criminal justice system can disrespect your rights as a defendant, stain your record as a citizen, and ruin your freedom.