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Defense attorney Richard J. Fuschino, Jr. is a former prosecutor with a decade of experience defending people in criminal court and on appeal.

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Handled the gambit of criminal cases – homicides, drug cases, complicated federal regulation violations, and all sexual offenses.

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When you hire Richard J. Fuschino, Jr, you'll get the excellent reputation and the begrudging respect of the prosecutor at the bar of the court of criminal justice.

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Richard J. Fuschino, Jr., Esq.

If you are facing criminal charges in the local Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania state or federal courts, you want a law firm with the experience, guts and the dedication to fight for you. That is the Law Office of Richard J. Fuschino, Jr.

Mr. Fuschino has handled hundreds of criminal defense cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, in federal and appellate courts, in jury trials, bench trials, and in hearings before administrative boards and administrative law judges. Mr. Fuschino has handled the gambit of criminal cases – homicides, drug crimes, complicated federal regulation violations, and sexual offenses in the state of Pennsylvania.

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Criminal Defense Law Firms in Philly

At the toughest time in your life, you need one of the best Philadelphia, PA criminal defense attorneys. At The Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino, Jr., our defense firm has handled and seen success in some of the most difficult criminal cases in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.

Recognized by peers and judges as being persistent and tenacious in our cases, we understand that being charged with a crime is a terrifying experience and you need a fighter in your circle to present the best criminal defense.

Through extensive pre-trial preparation for your criminal case, we have managed to get dozens of cases dismissed, from drug cases to DUIs and white collar crimes, through meticulous investigations and forming one of the best defense strategies for our clients. Through the preparation, our lawyers have compromised the government’s cases in multiple instances, leading to very favorable plea offers.

Selecting a criminal defense lawyer in Philly is one of the most important decisions of your life. At The Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino, Jr., we are rated in the top 10 scores on most legal ratings services throughout the Philly area. Our criminal justice lawyers understand what you’re going through and will go the extra mile in your defense to get your legal problem fixed, even earning expungements through our representation.

Call our PA offices today for a consultation and go over your case with a proven local attorney. We’ll provide one of the best representations to aid in your defense and help to preserve your freedom.

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