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Can You Get Arrested for Sharing Prescription Drugs?

Oftentimes, people wonder if it is illegal to share their prescription drugs when there is no cash involved. It is quite known that selling your prescription drugs is a criminal offense, especially when they are narcotics. However, what if you share your prescription with a family or friend who has the same prescription? Are you still crossing the line from legal to illegal? Maybe you’re just helping a friend who’s in pain or suffering from allergies.

When it comes to prescription medications, it often does not matter whether you share your drugs with a friend or family member or sell them for money. You may end up getting in trouble for doing something you thought was innocent.

The Prescription in Question

Prescribed drugs are legal when taken by a person who is prescribed the medication by their doctor. The key to making the drugs legal is the prescription written out to a specific person only. If someone other than the person named on the prescription buys or uses the drugs, it is considered illegal and a crime. In short, consumption or possession of any prescribed drugs not prescribed to you is illegal.

On the other side of this is the doctor offering the prescriptions. Just as prescriptions are only able to be possessed and consumed by a specific person, doctors can only prescribe certain medications for certain people. If a doctor prescribes a medication to a person who doesn’t require it, they are committing a crime. Even the intent of distributing prescription drugs is considered an illegal act.

Penalties for Sharing Prescription Drugs

The amount of trouble a person can get into by sharing or giving away their prescription drugs will depend on a variety of factors. Some of the determining factors include who is prosecuting you, the type of drug you are sharing and how much you are giving away. Many jurisdictions have specialized drug courts that deal with drug-related cases. A top priority of drug court is to steer drug offenders who are nonviolent towards getting addiction treatment instead of going to prison.

The availability of drug rehab programs for those convicted of sharing prescription drugs will depend on the district they live in and the charges you’re being faced with. If you have been charged with sharing prescription drugs, it is in your best interest to hire the help of an experienced drug lawyer in Philadelphia.

A reputable lawyer can help defend your rights during the court process after being charged with crimes relating to the possession, use or sales of prescription drugs. Trying to go through the process alone can be overwhelming and not get you the outcome of your case you’re hoping for. A drug crime attorney will help you every step of the way.