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When you have been arrested in the Doylestown, PA area, it is crucial that you speak to an attorney about your case as soon as possible. Even if you have not been formally arrested, but are under questioning by the police, you should have legal counsel present to ensure your rights are being respected and that you do not accidentally incriminate yourself. The police may try to trick you into thinking that hiring an attorney makes you look guilty, but don’t listen to them. Even innocent people need legal advice to ensure they don’t get railroaded by the justice system or falsely convicted.

Having an attorney to represent you during questioning, during negotiations, and during your trial is your right, so don’t throw that right away! Hire an expert lawyer any time you are accused of a crime, whether you are guilty or innocent, and never try to represent yourself or speak to the police without legal counsel present.

At the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino Jr., we have represented countless clients in the Bucks County, PA area as expert criminal defense lawyers, giving us the practical experience necessary to defend you against any charges you may be facing. Call us today at (215) 515-8600 if you have been accused of drug crimes in the Philadelphia area or of any other criminal offense in Doylestown, PA.

Why You Should Hire Our Trusted & Reputable Criminal Defense Lawyers in Doylestown

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As a former prosecutor with a decade of experience, Richard J. Fuschino knows the criminal justice system in Bucks County, PA and surrounding areas from every side. He has argued both for the prosecution and as a defense attorney in Doylestown, PA area courts, giving him a unique perspective that many other counselors do not possess. He knows the tactics police and prosecutors use to get the accused to confess. He knows how to negotiate with prosecutors and secure a favorable plea deal. He has advised clients in nearly any criminal law specialty you can imagine, from sexual offenses in Bucks County, PA and more. If you need legal advice, he and his team are the right people to counsel you.


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When You Should Hire a Criminal Attorney to Defend Your Case

criminal defense lawyer doylestownLet us be clear with you: you should always hire a lawyer any time you are accused of a crime in Bucks County, PA or anywhere else. Police investigators may act friendly but don’t think for a second that they are on your side. Anything you say to them could be used to convict you at trial. If they don’t have the evidence to prove their claims, the police might use coercive interrogation techniques to manipulate you. They may even lie to you to get you to confess; it’s all perfectly legal and it happens every day in Bucks County, PA and communities across the country. Plenty of innocent people have confessed to crimes they did not commit because they didn’t have a criminal defense attorney present during questioning.

If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Doylestown, PA or anywhere else nearby, get in touch with the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino right away. We will fight hard to protect your rights and to secure a favorable outcome for you in any criminal matter.