How An Attorney Can Help With Your Burglary Charge

How An Attorney Can Help With Your Burglary Charge

You’ve just been hit with a burglary charge, and it feels like your world is starting to crumble. Before you give up hope, remember that you can still fight that charge. Hire a criminal defense attorney to defend you and your rights when you’re facing a burglary charge. 

Your Attorney Can Speak to the Police on Your Behalf

It won’t take long for the police to show up at your doorstep if you’ve been accused of burglary. The police will likely ask to speak to you about the charges. Don’t forget your rights in that situation.

You don’t have to say anything to the police during an interrogation. Given how many statements you provide can be used against you, refusing to speak is the right course of action.

If the police insist on speaking to you, instruct them to call your attorney. Your Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney can speak to the police on your behalf. Allow them to handle the matter because they know how to deal with the police.

Your Attorney Can Gather Evidence to Help Your Case

At the moment, the evidence pointing to you committing the burglary may all be circumstantial. There may be no physical evidence directly linking you to the crime scene. If so, your attorney can pounce on that and start building your defense. Your attorney can specifically look for evidence proving that you didn’t commit the crime or try to decrease your sentence.

Your Attorney Can Move to Have Your Charges Dismissed

Once your attorney sees how your case is going, they can take action and request to have your burglary charges dismissed. The court may then take a closer look at your case and agree with your attorney. Thanks to the swift action taken by your legal representative, you’ll be able to put this difficult ordeal behind you.

Your Attorney Can Represent You in Court

Even if you are innocent, the facts of your case may be murky enough for the court to refuse your motion to dismiss the burglary charges. Going to trial may be necessary if that’s the case. However, you can still feel confident about your chances of winning your case if an experienced attorney is standing by your side.

Your Attorney Can Help Expunge the Burglary Charge from Your Record

The burglary charge on your record can still impact your life even if it led to nothing. For instance, you may miss out on employment opportunities because the hiring manager saw that charge as a red flag. Philadelphia expungement lawyers can help with those potential issues. Request their assistance to ensure that the false burglary charge lobbed will have no more impact on your life moving forward.

Fight Your Burglary Charge with the Help of a Criminal Defense Attorney

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