How Will A Dui Conviction Impact My Car Insurance

How Will A Dui Conviction Impact My Car Insurance

Car insurance is meant to protect you whenever you are behind the wheel. Almost every state requires drivers to purchase insurance for their vehicles. Your auto insurance rate will depend on several factors including your driving record. Your rates are likely to go up if you are charged with driving under influence (DUI).

How Does a DUI Affect Insurance?

Chances are high that a DUI charge will increase your auto insurance. This is because a DUI charge automatically places you under the category of a high-risk driver. It may also be difficult to find an insurance company willing to insure your vehicle. According to insurance experts, an average insurance company will immediately cancel your policy after discovering your DUI charge.

If an insurance company decides to offer or continue covering your vehicle, then it will naturally add a “surcharge” to your policy. The amount is usually a specific percentage of your existing policy base rate. For instance, your insurance company may decide to add a 45 percent surcharge the first year, 35 percent the second year, and 25 percent the final year before getting rid of it.

The additional insurance costs in your car insurance will depend on the situation you have found yourself in as well as your insurance company. But you are likely to pay thousands of dollars if you are found guilty of a DUI charge. It would be good to work with an experienced DUI attorney in Philadelphia, PA to help you negotiate with your insurer.

Other factors that may determine how much your insurance will cost include the following:

  • Your age.
  • How your insurer will assess risks for DUI drivers.
  • Whether you are a first DUI offender or not.
  • The amount of time that has elapsed since the DUI offense was included in your driving record.
  • Your general driving history such as how many speeding tickets, how many accidents you have been engaged in, and so on.
  • How Long Will a DUI Stay on Your Auto Insurance Policy?

A DUI is not necessarily on your insurance policy but rather on your driving record. Insurance companies normally check the records of every driver to determine the rates they should pay.

A DUI charge can remain on your driving record for between two to five years. The duration in which an insurer can continue using your driving record to determine your rates or add a surcharge depends on the state you are located.

When Should You Inform Your Insurance Company about a DIU?

It is important to inform your insurance provider as soon as you are convicted of a DUI charge. Choosing to keep hiding the information from your insurer can only make matters worse.

The first thing you should do once you have been arrested is to contact an attorney who specializes in DUI cases. The lawyer will offer you proper guidance on how to approach the whole issue.

Are you facing DUI charges? Contact a DUI attorney today for prompt assistance.