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Important Steps to Take If You Are Charged with A Felony

If you are arrested and charged with a felony, you are likely facing a potentially life-altering event. Furthermore, the immediate decisions and actions you take in the wake of such circumstances could have a profound impact upon your life, future and, quite possibly, your freedom.

Watch What You Say

Upon being arrested, you will be told that you have the right to remain silent. Legal experts recommend exercising said privilege. Speaking emotionally or answering too many questions offered by authorities could lead to self-incrimination or, at the very least, may aid the prosecution in building its case against you. Saying nothing is the most advisable course of action.

Understand the Specific Charges Being Levied

Understanding the specific charges, you are being charged with is a crucial piece of information. The arresting authorities should clearly explain the specific crime you are being charged with and expound on the reasons why such accusations are deemed appropriate.

Consult with A Criminal Defense Attorney

Shortly after being arrested and processed, you should contact a criminal defense attorney. Should you not be able to afford a lawyer representing a private firm, you may retain the services of a public defender. Arguably, this is the most crucial action you can take. Said attorney’s primary goal is to orchestrate some type of defense geared towards acquittal or the least severe punishment possible.

Do Not Discuss Matters with Anyone but Your Attorney

Even if you post bail and are awarded temporary release, discussing any aspect of the proceeding with anyone other than your criminal law attorney Philadelphia is ill-advised. Even speaking to family or close friends could lead to misinformation and untruths being spread, which could jeopardize your defense.

Honestly Recount Events

You must be completely honest with your attorney. Failing to be 100 percent truthful will only harm your cause. You are urged to provide your lawyer with as accurate account of the incident in question as can possibly be given. Doing so will enable your attorney to get a better idea of what actually happened and, most importantly, strategize some type of suitable defense.

Attend All Court Proceedings

You should attend all pertinent court proceedings for two significant reasons. The first is partaking in such action will keep you in the loop regarding how the case is progressing. Second, in many states, individuals charged with felonies are required to appear at such events.