Profile Of Attorney Richard J. Fuschino

Profile Of Attorney Richard J. Fuschino

If Richard J. Fuschino takes your case, he wants you to know that you will be receiving the services of one of the top PA criminal defense lawyers.

What makes Fuschino stand out amongst others in his profession is the fact that he truly cares about his clients. The respected legal mind understands that, occasionally, good people make mistakes, end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and could be victimized by any number of untoward circumstances.

If you fit into any of these categories, Fuschino looks forward to working with you.

Getting arrested and charged with a criminal offense is one of the most harrowing and confusing events you could face in your lifetime. Unfortunately, however, the actions taken during the ensuing hours and days could have a profoundly negative impact upon your well-being and freedom.



Fuschino tackles the criminal defense process from a unique perspective. The legal professional spent the early part of his career as a prosecutor. He then transitioned onto the other side of the legal realm.

The astute criminal attorney brings a dearth of plausible and diverse experience to each proceeding. He is licensed to practice law and has successfully tried cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and holds bar admissions to prestigious legal institutions, including the Supreme Courts of the United States, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, the District Courts of Eastern New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and the Third District United States Court of Appeals.


Transparency And Professionalism

Aside from possessing a dearth of legal knowledge, Fuschino is noted for his tenacious and aggressive but always professional and compassionate nature.

Upon taking your or any other case, his ultimate goal is to achieve a not guilty verdict. He will attempt to achieve such aims by partaking in vital actions, like investigating the crime scene, obtaining expert testimony, speaking with witnesses, reviewing law enforcement reports, and thoroughly examining the accuser’s criminal and personal background.

Fuschino is also lauded for his transparency. Though he will always fight to attain the best possible outcome you could receive, Fuschino does understand that certain circumstances call for brutal honesty and an acceptance of the facts.

For example, if a plea bargain was the most befitting outcome given your circumstances, he would be forthright and disclose his true and sincere professional opinions. Additionally, Fuschino will be honest about fees. Remember, to him, you are a client first and not simply a checking account or credit card number.


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