Reasons To End Your Probation

Reasons To End Your Probation

Probation is a prescribed penalty that is enforced when someone pleads guilty or is convicted of a crime. It is more ideal than continuing to serve out your full prison sentence, where you are completely deprived of liberty. During probation, there are certain conditions imposed by the court. You’d have an appointed supervising officer who will monitor your movement, specifically checking whether you have followed the conditions properly.

However, you might want to terminate your probation early for various reasons. This is especially true for someone who thinks that undergoing probation will affect the quality of their life and employment. This is when you’ll need a criminal lawyer in Philadelphia. A criminal lawyer can help you achieve an earlier termination of probation, depending on the circumstances of your conviction. Below are reasons to end your probation:

A Smooth Employment

You’ll have to notify your prospective employer about your probation period. Some employers don’t mind that, and they may even give you the job. However, for the ex-convict who is trying to reform and move past the conviction, this can be stressful. There are instances when probation officers must interview the probationer’s employers during a workday.

These visits may affect the perception of your employer and colleagues — especially if some of them are not aware of your probationary status in the first place. If you don’t want this to happen, it is in your best interest to file for the early termination of your probationary period. 

Expungement Of Records

Once your lawyer manages to get you out of probation, you will be eligible to scrape the conviction off your record in Pennsylvania. You can ask your criminal defense attorney to request the expungement on your behalf if you want a clean slate after the termination of the early probation.  

However, before your lawyer can file this request before the court, you’ll have to win the early termination of the probation case first. 

You Can Travel

Since probation is meant to be similar to incarceration — but with more liberty to move — you’ll still have travel restrictions to prevent you from fleeing the country. If you want a new career that lets you travel frequently, you can file for early termination of probation. The travel restrictions will be lifted once your lawyer successfully wins your case in court. 

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