Unique Challenges In White-Collar Crime Cases

Unique Challenges In White-Collar Crime Cases

White-collar crimes typically take place in professional or corporate settings. When unusual activity is caught, the organization can alert local and federal authorities to the crime. If you’re being accused, it’s essential that you reach out to a white collar crime attorney in Philadelphia for a defense.

Defending white collar crime presents challenges that aren’t found in other types of criminal cases. In order to prove the charges of white-collar crime, the defense has to dig deep into the evidence and uncover information that helps their client. Here’s a look at why.

White Collar Crimes are Complex

A case of white-collar crime is usually the result of the actions of multiple people engaging in the scheme. It can involve people from the lowest levels and up to the C-suite and beyond. The investigation becomes more complicated when there are multiple jurisdictions involved. This makes it difficult for the prosecution to find and charge everyone who is involved while leaving out those who are innocent. Both the prosecution and defense teams face countless hours spent sorting out the evidence and determining culpability.

They Typically Have a Large Amount of Evidence

White-collar crime usually leaves behind a paper trail, both physical and electronic. Collecting, sorting, and searching for evidence requires countless hours spent going through the documents in search of leads, incriminating information, and figuring out where the money went. The results of the investigation by the prosecution are then given to the defense attorneys for examination. From there, the defense attorneys have to perform their own review of the evidence and work on refuting the accusations made by the prosecution. This can take years to accomplish before the case reaches the plea bargain stage or goes to trial.

Multiple Agencies May be Involved

It’s not unusual for the offenses to cross multiple jurisdictions and enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. A single case can involve two or more agencies, as the crimes committed are ones that are overseen by different agencies. This overlap means an individual can have similar charges against them from these agencies. Defending the charges becomes more time-consuming as each agency requires a response to the charges to prevent them from becoming more severe.

It Can Take Time to Enter Into Negotiations for a Plea Deal

The prosecution may prefer to get some form of justice as opposed to going to trial for their idea of the ultimate form of justice. That means entering into negotiations for a plea deal, something that the best criminal lawyers in Philadelphia are skilled at doing.

Entering into negotiations for a plea deal is another factor that adds to the challenges of resolving the charges. A skilled criminal defense attorney is going to aim for the best possible outcome for their client, while the prosecution is going to resist. These negotiations can go on for a long time before an agreeable resolution is made, and the case could still wind up going to court.

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Getting charged with a white-collar crime is just the beginning of a complicated legal process that affects your life. At the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino, Jr., we can help you with a defense against the charges, or negotiate a reduced sentence that has the least amount of impact on you and your family. Contact us today for an evaluation of your case and learn more about your options.