What You Can Learn From A Free Case Evaluation

What You Can Learn from a Free Case Evaluation

It’s always wise to speak to an attorney, no matter what crime you have been accused. A defense attorney can assist with a vast assortment of cases from white-collar crimes to domestic violence and petty theft. You should grab the opportunity to have such an attorney perform a free case evaluation if you can. You can learn a lot during the case evaluation. You’ll learn a great deal about your case, whether you leave the meeting with representation or not. These are some of the things you’ll learn during the case evaluation.

The Charge You’re Accused Of

The best white collar crime attorney in Philadelphia can help you to understand the charge or charges of which you have been accused. It’s not always clear whether you have one charge or multiple charges. An attorney can bring some clarity to that for you so that you know what you’re up against in this legal battle.

The Penalties You’re Facing

The attorney can also explain all of the penalties that might fall upon you because of the charges you’re facing. They may include the time that you might have to spend in jail if you receive a conviction. You may have to pay hefty fines if you receive a conviction for the alleged crime. Other factors could be involved, such as a loss of license or a mandatory course that you have to take before the law allows you to operate a vehicle again.

Some Effective Defense Strategies

You’ll also need to know which defense tactics might be available to help you fight your case. Your prospective attorney will go over that with you and let you know what he or she can do for you in this matter.

Your Chances of Winning

The attorney will also give you an honest opinion about the odds of winning your case. It might be easy to defend you, or the case might be complicated. Either way, you’ll know how liable you are to win the case with the assistance of a great lawyer.

The Cost of Representation

Before the end of the meeting, you will also know the cost of representation. The attorney will go over retainer fees and payment options. You can then make an informed decision about whether you want to proceed.

Schedule Your Consultation ASAP

You will learn a lot by scheduling an initial consultation. Just google the “best DUI attorney in Philadelphia” or other related crime attorney offices. You don’t have anything to lose if the consultation is free. However, you have a lot to gain, such as your freedom and the restoration of your good name. It will be smart for you to schedule the consultation and spend time with someone who has experience in the field and knowledge of how the charges might affect you. Contact a reliable attorney by telephone or online to schedule your consultation.