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You Were Arrested for Domestic Violence in PA. What Happens Next?

An arrest for domestic violence in Pennsylvania is a serious situation that you must take seriously. Domestic violence is a tragic, disruptive event that can have incredibly steep long-term consequences. In the state of Pennsylvania, domestic violence is a sunset of an assault, aggravated assault, or battery charge.

Domestic violence arrests impact all of your relationships and affect the people you love most. Without taking the proper next steps, you can face serious consequences. Here’s what happens after domestic violence arrest in PA.

Domestic Violence Arrest

According to Pennsylvania law, domestic violence is treated as a violent crime. The label “domestic” makes the charge a bit more complicated. Police do not have to witness an act of domestic violence to make an arrest, they merely need to see evidence of the victim’s claim. Because of this, the person that called is in a stronger position. Additionally, the charges cannot be dropped once they are filed, and you must go before a judge.

The Next Steps

First Appearance: After a domestic violence arrest in Pennsylvania, you must attend an Advisory Hearing known as the First Appearance. To avoid mistakes or more severe repercussions, you need a qualified attorney to represent you.

Investigation: During the investigation, the prosecutor will examine your criminal history and past charges. At the same time, your defense attorney will assess the arrest and fight for lack of probable cause and a bond.

Arraignment: At the arraignment, you should enter an informal plea for “not guilty.” Then you will face a pre-trial conference to discuss any pre-trial offers.

Trial: If the case is not resolved before trial, then you will face trial by a judge. Fortunately, the experienced defense attorneys in Philadelphia at The Law Offices of Richard J Fuschino Jr. is often able to resolve cases before the trial to ensure you receive the desired outcome and your rights are protected.

(optional) Protection from Abuse Order: A PFA order is similar to a restraining order, where the accused has different levels of restrictions. A temporary PFA does not require a hearing. If a judge grants a final protection order from abuse; it can last up to three years.

Fight Your Domestic Violence Charge

To protect your rights and your future, you should fight a domestic violence charge in PA. without fighting your charge, you may face:

● Jail time
● Lost relationships or limited custody
● Lost opportunities (job, housing, employment)
● Revoking of your second amendment rights
● Fines and penalties

Protect your relationship and your freedom with the help of one of our knowledgeable Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys. Our dedicated team will help you build a strong defense against domestic violence charges. Contact the experts at The Law Offices of Richard J Fuschino Jr. today.