5 Principles Of Common Law Every Citizen Should Know

5 Principles Of Common Law Every Citizen Should Know

The law is often a powerful force in our lives. The rights and obligations of citizens are governed by the laws enforced by our government, but what does it mean to be a citizen? What do you have to know about common law principles? In this article, we will discuss five principles every citizen should know!

1: All people share equal dignity under the law regardless of race, religion, or gender

It is a straightforward concept, but it is worth mentioning because we deserve to be treated equally. People of different backgrounds and cultures are entitled to the same rights as all other citizens under this principle. This includes laws that prevent discrimination based on race, religion, or gender!


2: Everyone has the right to life and security of person

As a citizen, you cannot be deprived of the life or security of your person. This includes not being tortured, and it prevents citizens from endangering the lives and well-being of other people as well!


3: Every individual must abide by the law and respect others’ rights

As a citizen, you must comply with the law and respect your fellow citizens’ rights. This means that there can be no vigilante justice or taking matters into your own hands; this is why police are sworn to uphold the law! It also means that you have a duty to act in good faith when dealing with other people.


4: Laws apply equally to all without discrimination

All citizens have a right to equal protection of the laws, which includes no discrimination based on race, gender, or age! Even after being convicted of crimes such as murder and manslaughter, this rule still applies. You cannot be sentenced differently because you are of a different race or gender. For residents of Philadelphia, the services of a Philadelphia criminal lawyer will be of paramount importance.


5: Laws must serve the public good and not be misused for personal gain

Laws should benefit society as a whole; this is known as the principle of legality. Laws cannot violate common law principles, such as having any rules that are vague or unclear! This also means that laws cannot be used to apply illegitimate pressure on you if you are not a part of the case.

Being conversant with these principles stops you and your fellow citizens from being threatened by laws that do not apply to them! It also prevents anyone from using the law for their own personal gains like police and judges. If you feel your rights have been violated and you live in Philadelphia, hire criminal law attorneys in Philadelphia.