5 Ways A Felony Charge Can Severely Impact Your Life For Years

5 Ways A Felony Charge Can Severely Impact Your Life For Years

Many people often ask how a felony can change your life, and yet few give it much thought. Most people have no idea that a felony conviction can change the way their life is forever. This article will discuss the impact a felony conviction can have on you, your finances, and the likelihood of obtaining a job in the future.

1) You’ll have a permanent criminal record

A felony conviction can end up with a permanent criminal record, which can follow you around for the rest of your life. In most states, including California and Florida, you will be required to have a lifetime license to carry a firearm. If you are found guilty of a crime involving a weapon, you will have to register as a convicted felon. Although most states allow you to amend your record, it can take many years. Once you are registered as a convicted felon, your form is considered permanent, which means that any potential employers or landlords will see you as having a felony conviction on your record.

2) You can be barred from certain employment

In addition to having a criminal record that shows you are a convicted felon, a felony conviction can change your life in other ways. A felony conviction can bar you from getting a particular type of education, for example, or a particular type of employment. A felony conviction will also bar you from obtaining a passport and a driver’s license. You may even be ineligible for certain professional rights, such as a massage therapist or cosmetologist.

3) Your financial situation might change

A felony can change your financial situation. The longer you serve time in jail, the more money you will spend on fines and legal fees. Your financial situation can affect your eligibility for a loan modification or mortgage refinance. In addition, a conviction can impact your ability to get credit or employment in the future.

4) Your felony can change how records are displayed

How a felony can change your life can also be caused by your past. For example, if you committed a crime as a teenager, but no criminal record is found at present, your criminal past is not an obstacle to your future. However, this can change if you decide to seek a position within the judicial system. This can be a matter of choosing to work with children or the elderly or working in the defense field.

5) You may face further issues down the road in criminal cases

How a felony can change your life can also be caused by the effect of one crime on another crime. For example, if a man who was later convicted of rape lives next door to a woman he raped, he will have a distinct advantage when applying for jobs. Similarly, if a person convicted of stealing two trucks lives next door to a woman he stole from, he will have a distinct disadvantage when trying to rent an apartment. It is important to remember that even if you did not commit a specific crime as an adult, you might still have criminal records that you need to deal with daily.

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