Common Types of White Collar Crimes

White collar crime is a complex aspect of the law. With so many facets and crimes that can be labeled as white collar, what exactly are those crimes? White collar was a term introduced by the FBI 80 years ago in 1939, and the most common forms of these crimes fall under a variety of buckets.

While money laundering, corruption, and fraud are some of the most common crimes associated with white collar, digital criminal activities are becoming more popular amongst criminals and charged under white collar crimes. White collar crimes typically occur in a corporate or business setting, mostly involving non-violent acts that involve deception or theft for a financial gain; whether personal or corporate. Of course, many white collar crimes are illegal, but there are other types that make it a little less clear.

Still, although there are common activities that require defendants to retain a white collar crime attorney for the best defense, the rate of prosecutions for these activities are decreasing at a gradual rate.

White collar crimes are popular in any type of business setting, from the major cities and metropolitan areas like Philadelphia to the smaller towns and counties surrounding the cities. When it comes to common types of white collar crimes in the Philadelphia area, here’s what our attorneys usually see.

Tax Evasion in Philadelphia

Tax evasion is illegally evading tax obligations on purpose. From a personal income tax to a corporate earnings tax, this form of deception and criminal conduct is conducted by both persons and businesses. Tax evasion can also go beyond failing to file or paying due taxes, including transferring property for tax-related purposes or falsifying financial earnings. If you’re being charged with tax evasion, find criminal defense attorneys in Philadelphia that will put together a strong defense on your behalf.

Embezzlement in Philadelphia

When individuals or groups secretly take money from an organization or a business, they are embezzling. Typically, the person being charged or arrested with embezzlement are employees and have been trusted enough to handle financial transactions and information. Embezzlement is a serious white collar offense and doesn’t require large sums of money to be considered a serious offense.

Corporate Fraud in Pennsylvania

When people hear the term white collar crime, they typically assume corporate fraud cases. Corporate fraud is the intentional misrepresentation of financial earnings or information for a business, organization, or firm. Common examples of corporate fraud include falsifying documents to make an organization appear more profitable than it is, or falsely reporting financial information altogether. This is a crime that is highly targeted by federal officers and when a person is arrested and charged with corporate fraud, there is likely an extensive investigation and mounds of evidence before an arrest is made.

What to do when you need a white collar criminal attorney

White collar crimes are charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the severity and of the activity. When you’re facing charges, the best thing you can do to help craft a strong defense is to contact a criminal defense lawyer that specializes in white collar criminal activity to review your case and strategize options. A conviction can result in a permanent criminal record and severe financial penalties. Formulate the best defense, and contact our law offices today.