Hidden Consequences For DUI Convictions

Hidden Consequences For DUI Convictions

Most people know that a DUI conviction comes with serious consequences that include jail time, fines, and driver’s license suspensions. While these situations are bad enough, they can continue to get worse. The hidden consequences of DUI convictions can last far longer than a jail sentence, and they can impact every aspect of your life. Because of these potential challenges that can occur with a conviction, it is important to work with an attorney to minimize disruptions to your life.

Difficulty Applying for a Job

Conducting a background check is a fairly common hiring procedure that companies use to screen applicants. If your preferred job involves driving, then you can bet that companies will deem you unhirable. Even with non-driving positions, hiring managers are more likely to give the job to a candidate that has a clean record rather than someone who has a history of irresponsible behavior. Depending upon the details of your case, working with the best DUI attorney in Philadelphia can help you avoid a conviction that ruins your ability to earn a living.

Increased Transportation Costs

Without a license, you’ll now be on the hook for paying for public transportation and ride shares. Even if you keep your license, you’ll likely be required to install an interlock ignition device on your car. The installation for this device is costly, and they usually have an operating cost that is charged as a monthly fee.

Losing Time Due to Counseling and Testing Appointments

Getting away with no jail time is preferable, but the majority of DUI sentences also include mandatory alcohol assessments along with counseling sessions. You may also need to undergo regular drug and alcohol tests as part of your probation requirements. Once you start adding up all of your new appointments, you could find that you have very little free time. Plus, trying to navigate mandatory testing and counseling appointments while maintaining a job can get challenging.

Dealing With Social Stigma

Although you may try to hide your DUI conviction, it often becomes extremely difficult. After all, someone is more than likely going to notice you blowing into your interlock ignition device in the parking lot. You could also find your mugshot showing up online when someone searches for your name. The image of you in your worst moment could stay public for years, which leads to many more explanations down the road.

Get Help Handling DUI Charges From an Experienced Attorney

Did you get a DUI? You don’t have to suffer hidden or well-known consequences when you work with an attorney that can handle the details of your case. Give us a call today to get started on finding the best way to mitigate the damage that a DUI conviction brings.