Penalties For Drug Possession In Philadelphia

Penalties For Drug Possession In Philadelphia

When you stand accused of a crime, including one of drug possession, you need an aggressive defense attorney by your side. In Philadelphia, possession of a certain classification of drugs carries different penalties. This can include fines or jail time or both.

You need to know what your rights are and what kind of penalties are on the table when charged with drug possession. At Richard J. Fuschion Jr., Law Offices in Philadelphia, we will work aggressively on your behalf. Without an experienced drug lawyer, you might receive the harshest penalties allowed under the law. Our job is to ensure that you are treated fairly.

We will work to negotiate the best outcome for you. That is why having the experience of a Philadelphia drug lawyer that knows the statutes of the law and how they work, can work in your favor. 

Factors That Influence Your Penalty

When you contact our law office, we’ll give you the best representation possible. To do this, we have to understand all dimensions of your situation and consider all of the factors that may impact the severity of your penalty. These factors include: 

  • Was it on your person? This is important. You could be a passenger in someone else’s vehicle, and you might not have been aware of drugs being present in the vehicle.
  • Were you driving someone else’s vehicle? If you borrow a vehicle from a friend or family member, you could be held responsible for their responsibility.
  • Was it a controlled or non-controlled drug? Depending on the type of drug charge, you could be facing steep jail time.
  • Do you have a prior criminal record? Judges and prosecutors look at this seriously, and often over sentence people based on their prior criminal record. We make sure you are not being railroaded by the legal system.
  • Were you in a school zone when you were arrested? If so, this could trigger extremely harsh and unfair sentencing, especially if you have a prior drug charge or violent history on your record.

The questions above do not constitute all the extenuating circumstances surrounding a possession charge, arrest, or sentencing. However, there are other factors that the legal system could consider, such as intent to sell or distribute.

The drug law is complex in itself, and navigating the different laws can be daunting for an inexperienced drug attorney. At Richard J. Fuschino Jr., Law Offices in Philadelphia, we stay on top of the law and the changes that occur. This allows us to negotiate charges and sentencing guidelines.

Contact Our Law Office Today for Immediate Help

Help is just a phone call away. Drug possession in Philadelphia can range from hefty fines to jail time. Do not take chances with your freedom, and do not rely on an inexperienced Philadelphia drug lawyer to negotiate the outcome of your future.

Call a law firm that can guide you through the legal drug possession system. You are only a few clicks away from getting the best legal representation in Philadelphia. We have helped hundreds of clients, and we can help you too.