Ways To Keep Your Card And Your Stash Safe

Medical Marijuana: Ways To Keep Your Card And Your Stash Safe

Since 2016, Pennsylvania state law has enabled those stricken with various serious illnesses to be prescribed medical marijuana to treat or provide palliative relief.

That said, a renowned Philadelphia drug lawyer wants you to know that even medical marijuana use and possession is subjected to strict guidelines and you could face fines and incarceration if found in violation of said mandates.

Overview Of The Process

In accordance with state regulations, you can formally be prescribed medical marijuana if formally diagnosed with a malady included on an established list of acceptable illnesses by a licensed physician.

However, once this diagnosis is confirmed, you must apply for and receive a card denoting your eligibility to receive the drug. This card must be kept in your presence at all times and available to present to a law enforcement officer or employees at official drug dispensaries.

Safeguarding Eligibility Card

Ergo, the security of this card is vital. Official record keepers recommend storing said document in a frequently used holding item like a wallet or purse. To further protect said holding from damage or fading, you might choose to laminate or have the card encased.

Additionally, you are implored to make copies of the document. Therefore, in the event you lose said item, you have discernible proof of your eligibility to present to the appropriate individuals should the need arise. These reproductions should be kept in important locations like safes, bank vaults, a vehicle’s glove compartment, and areas of your home where other important documents are kept.

Keeping Your Stash Safe

One of the best drug case lawyers in Philadelphia urges you to understand the importance of protecting your stash. State law mandates that eligible users can never be in possession of more than 30 days worth of the drug at one time. Additionally, the substance cannot be used or transported indiscriminately. You can only legally ingest the drug inside your home.

Moreover, the stash you possess must be properly concealed at all times.

Therefore, when obtaining the substance, you are strongly urged to carefully place it firmly and tightly inside a container. Moreover, this container should then be placed inside a larger encasement or transportation device, such as a bag, briefcase, or other piece of luggage.

Furthermore, when traveling, it is recommended that you store said materials in a trunk. Law enforcement officers are rightfully sensitive about controlled substances in back seats of vehicles.

Contacting Richard J. Fuschino Junior

If you have questions regarding possession and transportation of medical marijuana or are facing criminal charges for violating state policies on the subject, Fuschino lawyers urge you to contact them.

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