How A Prestigious Tradition Can Land You in Prison

How A Prestigious Tradition Can Land You in Prison

What Is Hazing?

Hazing is the act of having someone participate in a dangerous ritual. This is illegal, but it is still common in college cases. Hazing may include the following

  • Forcing someone to consume a large amount of alcohol. It is estimated that 82 percent of hazing deaths involve the use of alcohol.
  • Beating or paddling someone
  • Forcing someone to strip nude
  • Forcing someone to abuse or mistreat animals
  • Burning
  • Branding

Keep in mind that it is possible for you to be charged with hazing even if you have not physically done something to the person. For example, if you socially isolate someone or call them names, then it is possible for you to get a hazing charge. You could also be charged with hazing if you deprive someone of their studies.

Is Hazing Only A Part of Fraternities And Sororities?

Hazing is often a part of a sorority or fraternity initiation. However, there are other organizations that may require some to participate in a hazing activity. For example, there are some honor societies and sports teams that require someone to participate in hazing.

Penalties for Hazing

There are 44 states in the United States that have laws against hazing, including Pennsylvania. PA criminal lawyers often handle hazing cases. People who are charged with hazing may be charged a fine. This fine can range from $5,000 to $15,000 for every infraction.

It is also possible that you may serve time in jail due to hazing. Hazing is typically charged as a misdemeanor. This means that a person will likely spend 30 days or less in jail. However, if a person is seriously hurt due to the hazing process, then a person may serve time in prison.

Furthermore, there are numerous other penalties that you face if you are caught hazing. For example, you can be kicked out of school. The school can also withhold your transcript or diploma until you pay the fine.

Why You Need An Attorney 

You need a Philadelphia criminal defense law firm who can protect your rights if you have been accused of hazing. They will make sure that you are represented properly. They will also try to get all of the criminal charges dropped as soon as possible. Their goal is to help you put the case behind you so that you can return to your normal activities.