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Types of Drug Crimes & Charges

drug case lawyersFrom a state and federal level, there are many different types of drug crimes. State drug laws can vary from federal drug laws, which carry longer sentences. Whichever type of crime is involved, a drug conviction can have severe consequences. When you’re charged with a drug crime, consult with the best drug case lawyers for the right representation.

Before contacting a law firm, understand what types of charges drug crimes can carry. Here’s an overview of what kind of charges you can be facing.


Drug paraphernalia is any type of equipment used to prepare, inhale, inject, or conceal any illegal drugs. Whether it’s syringes, pipes, bongs, rolling papers, or other types of drug paraphernalia, you can be charged with a crime. Many types of paraphernalia are made to look as if they’re designed for legal purposes, attached with a label for tobacco use only. Even so, you can be charged depending on how the item looks when it’s seized.


Drug possession is a crime under both federal and state drug laws and a person can be charged with simple possession or possession with the intent to distribute. Simple possession is when you’re charged with a small quantity of drugs. A larger amount can lead to the charge of possession with the intent to distribute and more severe penalties. Charges can vary in terms of punishments and penalties depending on the drug in question and the amount charged with.


It is illegal to transport, import, or sell illegal substances and carries a felony charge. Drug trafficking and distribution carries a more severe penalty than possession and the sentence can be anywhere from three years to life imprisonment.


When you’re producing or delivering drugs, you can be charged with a crime under both federal and state laws. Prosecutors must prove intent to manufacture and possess in order to achieve a conviction as a drug manufacturer. With the right representation, you can receive a lesser sentence. One important distinction is the manufacturing and cultivation of marijuana, which can come with a lesser sentence because of medical exceptions.


Drug dealing is the act of selling illegal drugs on a smaller scale. It’s a little different than drug trafficking, as dealing refers typically to one person selling a smaller amount and carries a less severe punishment. When you’ve been charged with a drug dealing offense, you need the right representation from experienced attorneys that understand the various drug laws.

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