Immediate Actions To Take After Arrest

Immediate Actions To Take After Arrest

Getting arrested by the police sets off a series of events that unfolds quickly and can leave you confused. This confusion can cause you to make mistakes that may harm your case, and make it more difficult to get a reasonable sentence or your charges dismissed. You need to remember that you have rights, and you need to call a criminal defense attorney in Bucks County, PA, as soon as possible. Meanwhile, read on to learn about the actions you need to take after you’ve been arrested.

What to Do During the Ride to the District

After the police have arrested you, they’ll transport you to the nearest police district for the booking process. If the officer tries to talk to you about the case, inform them that you have nothing to say until you speak to a lawyer. At no time should you offer a narrative about the events that led to your arrest. You’re on camera the entire time you’re in the police car, and even though you haven’t been read your Miranda rights, you’re still giving evidence to an officer of the law. This adds more work for your lawyer when they provide you with a defense.

Provide Requested Information and Nothing More

You’ll be asked for your personal information during the booking process, but you aren’t required to say anything more than that. If you’re asked questions about personal needs, you can answer them safely, and you can ask when you’re allowed to make a phone call. Always be polite and reasonable while you’re at the police station no matter what you’re feeling emotionally. This helps you navigate the booking process and makes your experience less stressful.

Stay Calm

There’s no denying the fact that being arrested is a stressful process. However, staying calm helps you have a better outcome. There’s no guarantee that the police are going to treat you respectfully, but a calm demeanor and staying quiet are more likely to get a reasonable response.

Say Nothing During the Interrogation

You may be put through an interrogation (sometimes called an interview) as the police try to put together the story of what happened. If so, say nothing apart from confirming identifying information and ask for a lawyer after your Miranda rights have been read. Resist the urge to give your side of the story as this will not help your case. The less evidence the police have against you, the better it is for you.

Ask for a Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Telling the police that you wish to speak to a lawyer serves to shut down their attempts at getting you to speak. You’ll still have to go through the arrest process and stay in a holding cell or jail until you can see a judge, but you also preserve your rights.

Eventually, you’ll come before a judge during the arraignment process, and you’ll be assigned a lawyer if you haven’t managed to contact one yet. You’ll most likely get a bond, and then be released from custody. Make it a point to call one of the criminal or DUI lawyers in PA. to start the defense process and start putting this incident to rest.

Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Case

Retaining a criminal defense attorney for a criminal case or DUI is the wisest move you can take. Contact the Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino Jr. today to set up a consultation and learn about how he can form an aggressive defense on your behalf. We make sure your rights are protected, use the strongest possible arguments against the prosecution, and use every tool we have at our disposal to get you the best possible outcome in court.