Upcoming Law Changes To Expect in 2022

Upcoming Law Changes To Expect in 2022

For years, criminal justice reform has been a hot-button issue on many legislative floors across the United States. With increasing civil unrest and racial tensions running at an all-time high, everything from the subject of equity to improving relationships with law enforcement officials has been a topic of conversation as all seek to improve policies and procedures around our criminal justice system.

Changes on the horizon

Local criminal lawyers typically have a finger on the pulse of what is currently happening in criminal justice law, but how much do you as a citizen really know about your individual rights and responsibilities as a resident of Philadelphia? What changes have been made in current law, and how does this apply to you, regardless of a guilty or innocent plea? Read on to see what upcoming law changes to expect in 2022 and how they may impact you.

Laws against gerrymandering

Passing tighter restrictions on gerrymandering is a huge victory for those who are convicted or incarcerated, as it gives human rights back to that individual. Recognizing and honoring the basic human rights of prisoners and their families restores a sense of normalcy to everyday life.

Laws involving sentence modification and drug-free zones

Seeing a need for improving equity in sentencing, lawmakers went to the floor with a petition to allow inmates to directly petition the court for modification of sentencing, rather than having to go through a state attorney to get approval. In cases where it was determined that an initial sentence was too restrictive, it allows the court to make modifications to that sentence based on an inmate’s behavior, history, and length of time served.

Laws involving the implementation of a clean slate agreement

While criminal law attorneys in Philadelphia and beyond thought this change may have gone too far, lawmakers incited a “Clean Slate” policy. Under this policy, a prisoner would be eligible to have misdemeanors and low-level felonies erased after remaining conviction-free for a certain number of years.

Laws involving recreational marijuana use

Historically, recreational marijuana use in Pennsylvania is considered illegal, but possession in small amounts has been decriminalized in larger cities across the state. If an individual can verify use is medically necessary, it is considered legal and safe for use.

Laws involving gun possession and use

Lawmakers are cracking down on illegal possession and use of firearms. Proper licensing and permits are necessary to obtain and carry a firearm, and carrying a firearm while being in a public place carries with it additional restrictions. If you wish to obtain and carry a firearm for any reason, follow proper protocols and procedures for purchase and training to avoid incurring a criminal offense.

Questions? Contact your criminal justice experts

Knowing a bit about criminal justice law ensures your rights won’t be ignored when it really matters. Contact criminal justice lawyers in your area if you find yourself facing a legal issue; their knowledge and expertise ensure your needs are met as you navigate the complexities of any criminal situation.