How Avoiding Traffic Court Can Lead to Major Problems

How Avoiding Traffic Court Can Lead to Major Problems

What Happens if You Miss a Court Date

If you have to go to traffic court, then it is important for you to make every effort to attend. A bench warrant will be issued if you miss court. If a bench warrant is issued, then you can be held in jail for up to 72 hours. You will have to attend another hearing.

Keep in mind that the police officers probably will not go out and look for you. However, if you have an interaction with an officer and they find out that you have a warrant, then they can take you in. For example, you are pulled over by the police for violating a traffic law. If the officer finds out that you have a warrant, then they can take you in.

The reason that a bench warrant is issued is because you have disobeyed court orders. This means that you are in contempt of court. You could also be charged with a fine. The judge will determine the specific fines and punishments that you will have to face.

What to Do If You Have Missed Court

The best thing that you can do if you have missed court is contact the clerk as soon as possible. It is also a good idea for you to contact a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer. The attorney can develop a strong defense strategy for you. This will help you get your charges dismissed. If they are unable to completely get them dismissed, then they can help you get the charges dismissed.

What Should I Do If I Missed a Court Date Due to An Emergency

You may be able to get the bench warrant dropped if you missed court due to an emergency. Examples of emergencies include medical emergencies, car accidents and family emergencies. You have to be able to verify that an emergency occurred. For example, if you had to go to the hospital, then it is a good idea to bring a copy of your doctor’s notes.

You may also be able to get your bench warrant dismissed if you did not get your notice in the mail. Every judge will treat the case differently. The best thing that you can do in any case if you have missed traffic court is to hire a defense attorney in Philadelphia. Your attorney will ensure that your case has the best possible outcome.