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What to Look For When Needing a Criminal Defense Attorney

philadelphia assault lawyerWhen you’re facing a criminal charge, the best way to lessen your punishment and move on with your life is by finding the right criminal defense attorney to represent you. The process of finding the right firm and right lawyer for your case is something that you never intend to have to research.

There are times when circumstances arise and we find ourselves in search for top criminal lawyers in Philadelphia. From a charge for a DUI to drug possession to assault, you’re putting your life in the hands of your lawyer. It’s important you do your due diligence to find a lawyer that specializes in the charges you’re facing and is meticulous in their preparation to provide the best representation.

As you’re conducting research and finding the best firm for your case, keep some questions in mind.

What is the Consultation Process of the Firm?

Whether its a case evaluation or a consultation where attorneys listen to your case and offer how they can represent you, keep the process of the consultation in mind. Make sure they’re a good fit, ask the appropriate questions about the case file, understand the type of criminal law you’re charged with, and are reliable. Don’t just speak with one firm. Even if you end up retaining that first firm you speak with, call multiple lawyers to ensure you hire the best defense for you.

What is the Billing Process of the Firm?

When you’re charged with a crime, fees for top law firms can get expensive. It’s your life on the line, and also your finances. Don’t be uncomfortable to ask how the firm will bill you if you choose their representation. Are they flexible and offer a payment plan or a flat fee for representation. Are they paid via a retainer or have an hourly rate? If you don’t ask the right questions, you may feel as if you were taken advantage of. Getting a complete understanding of the fees and billing process helps you make the right decision based on your financial situation.

What Experience Does the Firm Have Handling a Case Similar to Yours?

Most important to your future and the chance of successful representation is the experience that a lawyer has representing cases like yours. When you need a Philadelphia assault lawyer or criminal defense attorney specializing in drug charges, you want to know that a lawyer at the firm you hire has the expertise on the charges you’re facing. Ask them about the strategies, how they prepare for cases, and what they would do first if you were to hire them. With the answers to this question, you’ll know whether to hire the firm or choose another.

Ask About any Testimonials from Previous Clients

Ask for references, read testimonials, and search online for what the community is saying about the firm. With all the avenues available, from reviews websites to social media profiles, a simple Google search can help you make sense of the firm as lawyers and how their previous clients have viewed their representation.

While you never want to have to look for a criminal defense attorney to provide representation for you or a loved one, circumstances arise that make this a necessary factor. Don’t blindly choose a lawyer, remember to do your due diligence. If you’re confident in your representation, the chances increase that you’ll see a successful outcome.