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When Should I Hire A Lawyer for A Felony Conviction?

When do you need a criminal lawyer in Philadelphia PA to fight a felony charge? You should look to hire one the moment you realize you’ve been charged with or may be charged with a felony crime. Felonies are serious criminal matters that may result in time in prison, fines, life skills classes, and a host of other penalties if you’re convicted. Without the expertise and guidance, a lawyer brings to the case, the risks of a conviction considerably increase.

Free Consultations Available

Lawyers offer free consultations to discuss your case. This gives you the opportunity to lay the facts of the case on the line so the lawyer can begin to plan a defense and otherwise defend your rights. Your life, freedom, and well-being are on the line when you face a felony charge. Lawyers fight for you like there is no tomorrow because, truth be told, without their legal guidance, the future as you know it may be bleak.

Lawyers Know What You Do Not

Unless you’ve spent many years in law school, the complexity of the legal system puts you at a strong disadvantage inside a courtroom. Legal jargon alone can send anyone into instant confusion, while special rules and circumstances further complicate matters. Lawyers are specially trained to handle even the most complex legal matters. When so much is on the line, don’t you want the confidence you earn with a lawyer by your side?

State or Federal Charges

Also, it’s important to note is that a felony charge may be prosecuted under state or federal law, depending on the nature of the crime. Federal court laws are significantly different than state laws. It carries different rules of sentencing and is designed to hand down the harshest of sentences to those convicted of crimes. Without a lawyer standing beside you in federal court, prepare for the worst possible outcome.

Peace of Mind at the Worst of Times

Facing a felony criminal charge is scary, even when it’s a less serious felony charge. Any conviction for a felony crime may result in time in prison and a myriad of additional consequences that turn life as you know it upside down. Lawyers understand the legal system and the situation that you’re in. They will fight for your rights and ensure the best outcome in the felony case. Don’t go to court without the best lawyer that you can find to represent your case if you are facing a felony charge.