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What are the Consequences of a Criminal Conviction in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has some of the harshest sentencing guidelines in the United States. The severity of their sentence often depends on whether or not it was a drug offense, what type of gun they were caught using when committing the crime. Moreover, the severity also depends on any prior convictions on their record, how much money was stolen from the victim, and other factors. The following are some of the consequences of a criminal conviction in Pennsylvania.


Serve Time in Prison

Even first-time offenders can expect to spend some time behind bars, and the sentence length increases as the number of convictions on your record rises. Drug offenses tend to result in harsher sentences than other crimes, and using a gun during the commission of a crime will almost certainly result in prison time.


Fined a Significant Amount of Money

The fines for criminal activity in Pennsylvania can be astronomical. Theft, assault, and drug offenses all come with mandatory fines that often exceed $1000. If you are unable to pay the fine, you may end up serving additional time in prison.

Mandatory minimum sentences make it difficult to negotiate a plea bargain in Pennsylvania. It would help if you considered getting a criminal lawyer in Philadelphia to represent you in court under these circumstances.

If you are charged with a crime with a mandatory minimum sentence, your lawyer will have difficulty negotiating a plea bargain with the prosecutor. This means you may be forced to go to trial and could end up serving more time than you would have if you had accepted a plea bargain.

It is important to get legal representation as soon as possible. An experienced criminal attorney in Philadelphia can help you negotiate a plea bargain or take your case to trial, depending on what  is best for you.


You may be Put on Probation

You may be placed on probation instead of sent to prison. Probation comes with a number of conditions that must be met, such as regularly meeting with your probation officer, attending counseling or treatment programs, and staying out of trouble. If you violate any of the terms of your probation, you may be sent to prison.

The consequences of a criminal conviction in Pennsylvania can be severe. If you are arrested, it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away. They will be able to advise you on the best way to proceed and help protect your rights.