Most Common White Collar Crimes In Philadelphia

Most Common White Collar Crimes In Philadelphia

Many people are convicted of white-collar crimes in the country each year. These crimes can range from embezzlement to money laundering. So, what are the most common white-collar crimes in Philadelphia? Keep reading to learn which white-collar crimes are most prevalent in this area and what individuals who need legal support should do if they are accused of one of those crimes.

White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes are non-violent and are usually of a financial or financially-related nature. These crimes are committed by Individuals operating a business illegally, mishandling funds, false documentation, and other similar issues.

The most common white-collar crimes in Philadelphia are as follows.

  • Fraud: Fraud is taking deceptive action or implementing deceptive tactics to take advantage of others. This type of crime can range from schemes and scams like insurance fraud, securities fraud, or even business fraud. Anytime a person makes a false statement or documentation of transactions that aren’t accurate, it’s considered fraud.
  • Embezzlement: When someone mishandles money at their job or in a position of authority, it can fall under the term embezzlement. In most cases, a person will use deceptive tactics to steal money from a business
  • Ponzi Scheme: This type of white-collar crime involves convincing people to invest in a scheme and promising that they will make large sums of money in return. The scammer will pay investors with a new investor’s money. When the money runs out, so does the scammer.

There are other types of white-collar crime, such as tax evasion, money laundering, and identity theft. Whatever category a crime falls into, there is a need for an experienced attorney to represent the accused.

Seeking Representation

Anyone accused of taking part in white-collar crimes needs a professional attorney to represent them in court. A white-collar crime attorney understands the law in their specific state and knows how to handle each case with professionalism. They can work with the client to gather all the facts and uncover the information the prosecution has in their possession. They can then build a solid case to defend their client in a court of law.

If you or someone you know needs the services of a white-collar crime attorney in Philadelphia, they should research their options carefully and take a close look at their case history. Word-of-mouth referrals may also be helpful in these instances. Take some time to check out their reviews online from past clients to get a clear picture of what to expect.

When it comes to investing in a good defense, a top attorney is worth the money because they have years of insight and experience defending individuals in these specific circumstances. They will have a history of ensuring the client gets the best possible outcome for their case.

Closing Thoughts

Anyone who finds themselves accused of a white-collar crime needs to reach out to a top white-collar criminal defense attorney in Bucks County, PA. The professionals at Richard J. Fuschino Jr. are there to help residents in and around Philadelphia, PA. We have extensive experience working white-collar crime court cases and have in-depth insight into the laws and legal systems in the area.

We can advise on actions to take or not to take before, during, and after each case. We can also submit documentation and meet deadlines for submissions or appearances in court on behalf of our clients. Don’t take risks with just any representation. Turn to a trusted firm with the tools and experience to help get the best possible outcome for each case. Call or stop by our office today to speak to one of our knowledgeable team.