When is a Parole Violation a Criminal Offense?

When is a Parole Violation a Criminal Offense?

It is important to have a criminal defense Philadelphia residents can trust when you are dealing with criminal charges. Any parole violation can turn into a criminal offense and risk your freedom. It is important to hire a good lawyer who can assist you with your charges and help you to explain your case to the court.

There are many different types of parole violations that can cause you to end up back in front of a judge. You could miss your check-in with your parole officer or not pay fees and be charged with a violation. You could also have a positive test result for drugs or alcohol and have a violation. If you break any laws, you will be facing a parole violation. It is important to follow every single one of the rules given to you when you were put on parole, or you could end up back in court.

Our defense attorney in Philadelphia can help you defend yourself in court. It is important to have a good defense on the day of your trial so that you do not get sent back to jail. An experienced and professional lawyer can help you explain your side of the story. In court, you will enter a plea either denying or admitting your violation. Then your attorney can produce evidence that shows your side of the argument.

The judge could decide to dismiss the violation if he or she believes you did not do anything wrong. This is the best outcome and will not lead to any additional consequences. If you are shown to have committed the violation, you could end up facing jail time. When you are on parole, any small violation is going to be a legal problem. It is important to have a good lawyer to help you prove your side of the story.

It is important to take all parole violations seriously. Even a small mistake can cause you to go to jail. Parole violations will end up on your public record unless you have them expunged. If you are facing a parole violation, you will need the help of a seasoned attorney who is ready to fight for your rights. You deserve to have quality legal representation from a lawyer who cares about your unique case. We can help you with all of your legal needs. Contact us for more information.